The Aim of this Blog

I am no stranger to blogging. Having been blogging on my personal blog the frozen sea for the past couple of years and been a semi-regular blogger at Wheat and Tares. I decided that I wanted to enter the realm of academic blogging. There has been a recent rise in academic blogs, along with academic tweeting. The idea behind both is that research tends to be accumulated in private little realms and then published in obscure journals that are more about establishing prestige then sharing knowledge. Perhaps, the thought is that blogging is a less formalised way of sharing research and is certainly far easier and efficient then putting research through the academic machinery. The problem with blogging, like that of the internet as a whole is that it means anyone, and sometimes it seems like everyone, can have a voice and share it. There is then little, or no, quality control, and whilst this is certainly a democratic thing, it does result in a saturation of competing voices in the digital realm.

The aim of this blog has less noble aims of sharing knowledge with others, and is more a personal repository of various thoughts and ideas on my research as I go through my PhD. Perhaps placing them online they may serve to help others in some way, but at the very least they will help me to compile my thoughts on a weekly basis on what I have learnt, done, written or read. In doing so it hopes to be focused on themes that my research intends to look at. It is primarily going then to blog about digital tools for humanities researchers, the dialogue genre and its relation to broader patterns in print culture, and the nature of democracy and debate. However, it will by no means be limited only to these subjects. Hopefully, I will post a blog post every week which will be based on the previous weeks learning and research.


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